LawTrades is a legal company.

We empower people to create companies, pursue their ambitions, and challenge conventions.

Our Story

Every opportunity begins with a problem. Ours was simple:

Law firms were too expensive and slow. We were law students when we realized there should be a less expensive alternative to law firms and more work flexibility for attorneys. Where were the solutions? As it turns out, there was a simple explanation. Big law firms are known for beautiful offices at prime locations which comes at a premium. Naturally, to cover such high overhead, fees rise and clients (like you) get stuck with the bill. Moreover, law firms operate at partnerships--a century old model that creates armies of associates to subsidize overhead and maximize partner profit.

We started LawTrades to build something that makes more sense. By circumventing traditional ideologies, embracing the power of technology, and engaging with customers directly, we are able to provide high quality services at a fraction of the price of traditional law firms. We believe that getting legal help should leave you happy and better informed, with extra cash in your pocket. It’s pretty straight forward; better legal leads to better opportunities.

Raad Ahmed. CEO & Founder of LawTrades


Our focus is on creating a better legal experience and we're fortunate
to have some of the best investors support us
Draper Associates
Graph Ventures

-Founders Raad Ahmed & Ashish Walia

Our Culture

We've created a culture that refuses to settle for the traditional approach.
We're pushing the boundaries to deliver an amazing legal experience.

Our Clients Come First.

LawTrades exists to make the law more open and accessible to the world. Nothing is more important to us than the interests of our clients. We believe shopping for legal services should be easy and not ridiculously expensive.

Think Big & Inspire Others.

This company was built on the work of some of the most passionate and inspiring people we could ever meet. We always recruit people who are smarter than us so that company as a whole continues to improve. Our mission is of the highest importance and we can only work with the most brilliant minds to further it.

Default To Simplicity.

When in doubt, be simple. Use simplicity as a tool to share beliefs, decisions, strengths and failures. Speak, code, design, and write in a clear way instead of being complex.

We Before Me.

Revolutionizing the legal services industry is not a small task. The only way to succeed is by pulling together, supporting each other, and working towards our collective goal.

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