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Law firms were too expensive and slow. We were law students when we realized there should be a less expensive alternative to law firms and more work flexibility for attorneys. Where were the solutions? As it turns out, there was a simple explanation. Big law firms are known for beautiful offices at prime locations which comes at a premium. Naturally, to cover such high overhead, fees rise and clients (like you) get stuck with the bill. Moreover, law firms operate at partnerships--a century old model that creates armies of associates to subsidize overhead and maximize partner profit.


LawTrades Attorneys hold degrees from
only the top ranked law schools.

Harvard Law School | #3 Ranked

NYU Law School | #6 Ranked

Columbia Law School | #5 Ranked

UPenn Law School | #7 Ranked

Michigan Law School | #8 Ranked

Law Firms

LawTrades attorneys come from
the nations top law firms.

Latham & Watkins

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati


Perkins Coie

Kirkland & Ellis

Past Clients

LawTrades attorneys have worked
with industry legal companies.


Hewlett Packard


American Express


Finding the 1%

We know how important it is to trust your attorney. Our rigorous vetting process ensures your legal project is always matched with the best legal talent. 

Apply Online

Close to 4,000 applications come to us from across the country by directly applying to LawTrades or referrals from our existing network.

Check Reviews

An important step is to look at available reviews left by peers and former clients on all available channels. In some instances, we’ll reach out to the reviewers to try and learn more.

New Member

Candidates who pass screening process are invited to join LawTrades. These attorneys represent the top legal minds in the US, and available to start working on your projects.

Resume Check

We look for evidence that a candidate will make a significant contribution to our site. We look at the education they’ve received and the companies and law firms they’ve worked for.

Phone Screening

Applicants who make it to this step are screened to verify their ability and background, and to make sure they're a fit for the LawTrades platform.

Constant Monitoring

Once an attorney makes it onto our platform, we adhere to strict quality control processes to ensure the attorneys are matching the expectations of LawTrades and our users. 

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