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Why Trademark today?
Protecting your trademark can pay dividends. Not only is it a valuable property asset, but it’s also your brand and your reputation. The reputation you’ve established is associated with these different brand elements: your name, logo, and tagline. It is also the reason why people buy from you. It’s important to take steps to protect these crucial company assets.
Wide Range of Trademark Experts
Our trademarks lawyers have impressive backgrounds and expertise. They’ve graduated from top law schools like NYU and Michigan and worked for companies like IBM, Yahoo, and Google. From trademark searches to make sure your name is available to applying for a trademark registration with the USPTO, you’re in good hands.
No DIY Means No Mistakes
Historically, business owners have had two options: apply for a trademark on their own or use a low-quality do-it-yourself service and potentially make irreversible mistakes. We’ve created option three. Because we don’t have the overhead costs of a law firm, we charge less while providing a seamless online experience with real experience trademark attorneys. The average trademark costs between $450-$650 including all mandatory federal filing fees.
Satisfaction Guarantee
If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. After a project is complete, you’ll have the chance to review it before paying. Simply let us when your expectations aren’t meant and we’ll make it right. That’s a guarantee.

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