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What is your advice for incorporating, while working full-time at Intel? I am afraid to get laid off and that they will overtake my business (no COI.)

My first piece of advice from my own experience — and I am sure that other entrepreneurs can attest to this — is that if you want to start a company, you have to be fully committed to it. So even though your new company may not have a conflict of interest with Intel, your job (more importantly the time you spend doing it) at Intel may be conflicting with your commitment to your new venture. That being said, plenty of entrepreneurs have held decent jobs at the time of launching their companies and you can do the same if you budget your time properly.

Another piece of advice is to be candid with your employer and especially your immediate supervisor. There is no real reason to hide what you are doing on your own time from your employer, that will only lead to problems down the road. If it is true that there is no conflict of interest between your new venture and your job at Intel, your employer will have no reason to be upset with you for what you do in your spare time.

Finally, I would say don’t let your fears hold you back. If you are afraid that you will be laid off from your current job because you are pursuing a side venture, well then hey now you just have more time to work on your side venture. Also, being candid and speaking with your employer can eliminate the fear of being taken over by your employer.

Anyway, good luck to you and I hope you go for it! And when you do go for it, if you need any legal help, my last piece of advice is to check out LawTrades. We have helped over 1000 entrepreneurs and startups through incorporation and beyond and can help you too!