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Is it advisable to hire a startup lawyer for a seed round?

Only if you want the best deal possible and wish to make sure you’re protected. Think of each company as snowflake, each one is different and there are no two that are exactly alike.

First let me say, I’ve had some success starting 2 internet startups along with spending countless hours navigating startup legal issues.

Currently, I’m helping 100’s of startups get all their legal stuff done with LawTrades.

Alright, now that we have the credibility out of the way, let’s get it on. 

Even with the wealth of options available on the Internet, each startup is unique in its own way and those who are not versed well with the law often struggle with what areas need to be customized and which ones can be filled with “cookie-cutter” terminology. Some of the “standard” choices may not be standard in your case. Besides, when it comes to funding the company you want to make sure everyone is clear of their rights, priorities, and commitments. In fact, a large portion of the allocated time would probably be spent educating you about what to expect.

Remember that fixing an issue tends to be much more expensive than doing it right the first time. Besides, you would want someone who can explain different jargon and could even have a few VC’s in their arsenal who could become involved later on in the game.

Bonus time

LawTrades is a legal marketplace for individuals and startups to hire top lawyers for their legal stuff (including seed rounds!). Finding the perfect lawyer for your startup is a huge time sinker. But it goes without saying that solid legal representation is essential to keeping your startup operating smoothly and avoiding some of the early stage pitfalls. It’s always free to connect with a LawTrades lawyer.

Hope this sheds some light! Please reach out if I can clarify any points. 🙂


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