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I have an app/startup business idea that I want to pursue. Where should I begin? Answer Request▾

An idea is a great place to start, but the real focus should be on execution of your business. To ensure that you properly execute the various phases of your business consider the following:

  • Do you offer a real solution? Consider what consumers can gain from your product.
  • Do you know the market? Spend some time researching your competitors and learning ways that you can diversify your business to make it just slightly better.
  • Have you established a team? Think of the type of people and skills that your business needs to really thrive.
  • Seek legal advice. Startups come with a lot of complex legality that you will likely not understand. Get help from the start so you can avoid costly mistakes in the future.
  • Network. Reach out to other startups and potential investors to learn more about what works and what doesn’t.
  • Are you looking for ways to learn and grow? Own your mistakes and look for ways that you can improve over time. Don’t allow your business to grow stagnant.

There’s really not a basic checklist that works for starting all businesses. To put your best foot forward, you should consult a startup attorney. LawTrades has already assisted over 1000 startups with various phases of business. Check out our website and let us know if you’d like our help, too.