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What are the benefits of being incorporated in the USA for an Italian/foreign startup?

Andrea’s post does an excellent job outlining the legal landscape for corporate entities in Italy the ultimate question that must be answered prior to discussing the issue of incorporating in the US rests in how will your operations be connected to the US. There are obvious advantages to being incorporated in the US if your plan is to operate within the country.

For example, if you overall goal is to establish a permanent and significant operational base in the US, incorporating in the US (or at least incorporating an entity as a subsidiary of an Italian parent company) would make it easier to do business in the country and would minimize a significant amount of legal risk. It is also important to note that the taxation of subsidiaries of a foreign corporation can be complicated however if structured properly can offer significant tax advantages.

Secondly it is important to consider that certain US-based investors may be reluctant to invest in a foreign entity that does not have legal ties to the US. However, if your overall goal is only to reach the US market with your product and to seek investment abroad.

For example, are you an Italian national who would like to emigrate to the US and eventually operate your company in the US?

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Best of luck!