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Who is the best, most cost-effective patent attorney to use for a seed-funded startup filing provisional patents in New York?

Finding the “best” lawyer is tough, let alone someone who is available and within your budget. However, here are some factors you should consider when looking at potential lawyer candidates:

  • The best startup lawyers provides connections to support and inspire the entrepreneurs through warm introductions that can change your business for the better.
  • He/she should provide alternative fee arrangements beyond just hourly rates. Things like fixed, contingent, capped, hybrid, and deferred fee arrangements may be very useful to a bootstrapped startup.
  • The startup lawyer should have a diverse skill-set to alleviate your everyday stressors (incorporating, raising money, issuing stock, trademarking, hiring/firing etc…) always from a cost-benefit prospective.
  • An inefficient $100/hour lawyer will end up costing more than a $300 efficient lawyer

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