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Who are the best high tech lawyers?

I agree with the answers below especially with the lawyer’s familiarity with technology, and the industry that your company is part of. To help take the pressure and time of finding a highly experienced (and tech-savvy) lawyer, my company created a super-helpful platform to make “shopping for lawyers” easy.

It’s called LawTrades – a web app that gives you immediate access to a number of pre-screened, highly experienced attorneys in the United States through the simplicity of a text message.

Guiding Factors to look for when “lawyer shopping:”

1. Price: Hiring a lawyer is always an expense to account for. However, you want to be sure that the money is a good “bang for your buck,” given the legal services provided; saving your company money and headaches in the long run.

2. Experience/Track Record: It’s always a good idea to find an attorney who has worked with companies similar to yours. Familiarity with your company’s industry breeds trust, and having your legal concerns addressed effectively.

3. Chemistry: A good lawyer-client relationship is vital to having your company’s legal goals met. You will spend a lot of time with your attorney, and it’s difficult to move your company forward if you hire an attorney that you can’t get along with.

One other thing to note is that the best lawyer for your company may not necessarily be the one who charges the most. There are a ton of great, experienced, and affordable lawyers on the LawTrades platform. Many startups have the common misconception that hiring large-firm attorneys is generally the best practice; thinking that high legal costs = the best lawyer.

The truth is that this actually hurts startups, because attorneys in large firms often have heavy caseloads, and don’t give your startup the individualized attention it deserves, given the amount you end up paying for their services. It’s best to be diligent in your research and not to jump at the biggest names on the list.

Best of luck with the search!