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Who is the best lawyer in NYC representing startup founders?

The best startup lawyers in NYC are those that have a good understanding of business development/management and have previous experience helping companies build and grow. Luckily for startups, NYC has an immense market for lawyers who can assist you with your company. Unfortunately, this leaves startups with the arduous task of looking through all these different attorneys and trying to come up with a tangible way to compare their services and prices.

To alleviate this process, we have developed LawTrades. Our web platform gives users the ability to connect with any lawyer 24/7, and gives them unique tools to carry out their legal representation in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

When looking for the “best startup lawyer in NYC,” there are a few considerations that will point you in the right direction. The best startup lawyers should possess some basic qualities and skills. Here are a few factors to consider:

1. Experience: Startups need a lawyer who has a detailed understanding of what it takes to build a company and manage it in a way that is both efficient and maximizes productivity. Thus, your lawyer should be well versed in transactional law, patent law, securities law, and tax/income law. Also, your lawyer should have experience in drafting/negotiating contracts, founding and securing investors for startups, managing corporate stocks and assets, to name a few areas.

2. Professional Chemistry: Although being overlooked by many, this is so important for startups. It is quintessential to your legal representation that you actually like and get along with your attorney. Startups can be fragile entities and they must have full confidence in their lawyer and know that their company is in good hands.

3. Price: Money/capital is usually very limited when a startup is in its early stages. You must have an adequate understanding of what your legal matters will cost your startup and make sure that what you are paying is a fair price. Overhead is always a primary concern, and you want to pay the lowest market price for the best legal services.

4. Availability: Startups will have varying legal issues that may come about suddenly. The best lawyers will be those that can always be reached and have a true dedication to your startup.

To the second part of your question, there may be some issues with individual lawyers representing founders of a startup, depending on the nature of the representation. If one founder has an individual attorney giving him startup advice, outside of the presence of other founders (who may be unrepresented by an attorney), there can be obvious issues. Founders of any startup may seek independent legal advice to advise them of their rights in the company and what is in their best interests moving forward. However, founders should be willing to move the company forward in a unified manner, thus securing outside general counsel for your startup as a wholewould be the best bet.

Hope you find this helpful. Good luck with your search and great success on your startup! If there is anything I can do personally to help, please do not hesitate to reach out.