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What is the best online service to generate Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for SaaS product?

There are some online services out there that will supply you with generic, boilerplate terms that may or may not actually apply to your product or business. Generally, I would not advise using one of these services. The reason is that things like Terms and Conditions can’t be produced using a one-size-fits-all approach. Your Terms and Conditions need to be crafted with your product in mind. Every website needs its own Terms and Conditions and the terms between different websites vary so much that the cookie cutter approach just doesn’t work.

Your Terms and Conditions can help you minimize your potential risk of legal liability down the road. Further, using an online generator could expose you to unnecessary risk. In business, because some things are out of your control, you want to minimize risk where you can so it is wise to use every tool at your disposal. In short, there is no reason to add to your risk by using an online generator when you could personally tailor your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy specifically to your product instead.

Your product is unique so the terms that govern how your product is used need to be unique. I would suggest consulting with an attorney who has experience drafting Terms and Conditions. Working with an attorney will let you craft and tailor your terms to match the specific goals and objectives of your product. If you need help or want to chat about drafting your Terms and Conditions, check out LawTradeswhere we’ll match you with an experienced attorney for a free consultation.