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Who are the best startup lawyers for mobile health in the US?

We have a pretty talented marketplace of startup lawyers over at LawTrades. We work with dozens of startups including PillTalk–a mobile health startup based in the US.

Being a startup (even if you’re funded) doesn’t mean you should be paying the same amount in legal fees as more established business. While hourly rates is the most prevalent way to bill, our lawyers offer alternative fee arrangements such as fixed, contingent, capped, hybrid or more.

Finding the right lawyer, whether it’s online, or in the real-word, doesn’t have to be as painful or time consuming as it sounds. You just need to be prepared to ask the right questions and make your decision based on how the lawyer responds to them. By doing a little due diligence yourself, you can find the right legal representation that suits you.

If you need any help, I’d be happy to help you out personally!


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