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What were your biggest legal headaches when you started your small business?

When starting a small business, preparedness is key. If you want to avoid a lot of the common legal issues that many new business owners face, you have to educate yourself, organize, and make sure that you have done the necessarily preliminary work to protect your business from avoidable issues.

Starting a small business is not a walk in the park. It takes time, dedication and a lot of planning on your part. However, investing your time and energy from the very start will help you avoid legal headaches in the future. Fortunately, a business attorney can help you with much of this.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Construct a business plan
  • Understand your market
  • Establish a budget
  • Attract investors
  • Decide which type of ownership is right for you
  • Register your business
  • Determine tax obligations
  • Consider the need for patents or trademarks
  • Create policies and procedures

A business attorney can help you with the structure and organization that your business needs to thrive. LawTrades would be happy to connect you with a knowledgeable business attorney that can help you with the process and offer insightful advice. We’ve helped over 1000 startups, and we’d be thrilled to help you as well. Reach out to us for a free consultation.


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