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Should bloggers trademark their website name/logo?

If you are a blogger asking this question then yes you should definitely trademark your blog’s name and logo.

Bloggers’ overhead costs are much lower than typical startups. As such, it should be more feasible for a serious blogger to trademark their name and logo. However, many bloggers fail to complete the steps necessary to protect their precious brand. What these bloggers fail to realize is that their brand is what increases viewership and profits. That is what makes trademarking your brand so imperative. Failing to do so allows an imitator to profit from your hard work, while diminishing your brand at the same time.

You have a few routes to go If you choose to trademark your blog’s name and logo. You can file a trademark directly with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), or use an online service like LegalZoom that charges an amount in addition to the filing fees. There’s also a third option out there – hire an attorney (I apologize if you suddenly hear the sound of nails on a chalkboard :). A recent study, which assessed a quarter-century of USPTO data, revealed that applicants who were represented by an attorney were 50% more likely to get their marks approved than those who applied without legal representation. Therefore, it is worth it to hire an attorney!

We created LawTrades to help people like you. Our legal platform makes it easier for individuals to find and utilize an attorney at an affordable rate. We continue to analyze what traditional law firms do in order to offer startups an alternative to those antiquated practices – like offering free consultations, flat-fee packages and 24-hour turnaround price quotes.


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