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What can a $700 per hour lawyer do that a $200 per hour lawyer can’t? Is there any relation between cost per hour and performance? Do they have better connections, or do they need the money to conduct extensive investigations?

The rate of an attorney can indicate many things. Sometimes it has more to do with location, type of litigation, overhead costs, or simply the financial goals of the attorney. In theory, you may assume that if you pay a higher rate for a lawyer then their work will be of higher quality—sometimes this may be true. While price is certainly a factor, there are specific things you should look for when you hire an attorney that will prove their truth worth outside of their hourly rate.

What you should look for in an attorney:

  • Transparency—Are they completely open with you about the status of your case? Do they offer helpful insight to ensure that you understand the legalities surrounding your particular situation?
  • Communication-Effective communication is among the most important traits of a good attorney. You should never be stuck guessing about what is going on or what certain aspects of your case means. You attorney should be open to answering all of your questions.
  • Trustworthy– When you hire an attorney, you are trusting them with a very important part of your life (no matter what type of case it is!). You want to be sure that they will do what they promise and be the proper support that you need throughout your court proceedings.
  • Knowledgeable– There are definitely educational requirements to be able to practice law, however, please be aware of the expertise of your attorney. Some lawyers have extensive experience with family law while others focus on business. Make sure your selected attorney is well-versed in your specific type of case.

To answer your question, a higher price tag may be simply that. There is more that makes a good attorney other than simply what you pay for them. It’s up to you to fully research and vet your potential attorney to make sure that you can count on them to deliver quality services.

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