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Can I ask my company to apply for a green card even if I don’t have an H1B?

To answer your question—yes you can always ask your employer to apply for a Green Card. However, as others have expressed, it is not something they have to do. Something you have to realize is that H1-B status is a temporary work visa that has an expiration date while a Green Card is permanent. You have to ask yourself if your skill-set is something your employer would be interested in permanently. There are a few things you can do here.

A few considerations:

  • You could request your employer to file for a Green Card just to see where they stand.
  • You could simply wait on the H1-B application to be filed and see if that process works out.
  • If the employer doesn’t want to file for a Green Card and fails to file the H1-B, you can look at alternative options for employment that may do a transfer or even be interested in applying for a Green Card if your skills meet what they are looking for.

Additionally, there may be other options for visas available to you depending on your qualifications and talents. It would be in your best interest to consult an immigration attorney.

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