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How can a B1 visa holder in the US, become a US citizen?

As other answers have outlined, the B1 visa is not designed to gain citizenship. In fact, it is intended for individuals who are come to the US for a short period of time in order to engage in business endeavors. If you are interested in gaining citizenship, then there are certainly other avenues you could take that would be more appropriate. Rather than focus on a short-term visa, you may want to check out other options that focus on coming to the US to work for an extended period of time or attend school. It would be best to consult with an immigration attorney about your goals, abilities, and credentials.

For more help, check out our website at LawTrades. We connect clients with quality immigration attorneys that can help you navigate the appropriate process for your situation. If citizenship is your ultimate goal, then it is likely that there is a better option for you. Check out our website and get in touch to learn more.


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