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Can I buy/sell cryptocurrency if I have an H-1B visa?

Yes. As long as the buying and selling of cryptocurrency isn’t your full-time job, you can do it. Of course, what I am going to say next you are well aware of. I am going to say it for any future readers that may find themselves in a similar situation or who are looking to get an H-1B visa and are also interested in cryptocurrency.

An H-1B visa was issued to you so that you can work for a specific employer because they stated that they were unable to find American citizens with the right skills for the job. That means that you’re here to work for that employer. If you planned to quit your job and buy and sell cryptocurrency for a living, then you’d no longer be in compliance with the requirements of your visa. At that time, you could be deported and even banned from returning to the U.S.

Yet, if you’re buying and selling cryptocurrency as sort of a personal interest or side job and you’re still continuously employed with the company that completed the H-1B petition on your behalf, you should be fine. Of course, if you are buying and selling cryptocurrency on behalf of other people, then you will most likely need to acquire the proper securities licenses.

If you’d like to consult with an immigration attorney to get legal advice so you know with absolute certainty that what you’re doing is legal, check out LawTrades. We are a legal marketplace that gives visa holders like you affordable access to consult with an immigration attorney.


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