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How can I execute a business idea if I had no money or resources?


We recently interviewed David Hauser of Grasshopper. You probably haven’t heard of him but David bootstrapped his business idea to over $30 Million in annual revenueand then sold it to Citrix for a lot of $$$.

All without raising a single dollar from investors.

Here’s what he had to say about raising money to execute your business idea:

There are so few reasons today to raise capital at the early stages, the costs of everything needed to start has come down significantly, from cloud computing and advanced APIs to payment process and professional services like legal and accounting. Also there is so much free information and education available now for every step along the journey, you can get much further with much less than ever before. I think 90%+ of companies today can bootstrap and start with nothing before even thinking about raising money. Companies, like Grasshopper, that start this way, when they see success later are much better setup for success than those that raised money.

Read the full interview on Quora here: David Hauser: How He Bootstrapped Grasshopper Startup to $30M+ in Annual Revenue and Then Sold It by LawTrades