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Can I file a non-provisional patent on my own?

As others have indicated, yes, it is possible to file a non-provisional patent on your own. However, if your intent is to simplify the process and save money, you may be in for disappointment. Patents can be incredibly complicated and one mistake can lead to a huge headache. Allow me to point out some of the common hurdles people face when filing for a patent on their own.


  • Incomplete research—you have search patents to ensure that your idea doesn’t actually already belong to someone else. You may be surprised at how often this can happen, even when you feel incredibly certain that your idea is unique. Not only should you conduct research, but you should be diligent in the process.
  • Improper filing-One mistake on the paperwork could lead to having to start the entire process all over again. Once you pay the filing fee, you don’t get it back. So, even if you make a mistake you will have to re-submit and you guessed it—pay the fee again.

It’s tempting to try to do these things on your own because there are so many online resources that promise fast results and affordability. However, those sites are not always thorough, especially when it comes to quality research. It would be in your best interest to hire a patent attorney to ensure that thorough research has been conducted and the filing process is complete. Plus, they can offer you great guidance on how to use the patent to best serve your business.

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