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Where can I find a basic NDA to send programmers who are working on my idea?

I agree with Dana on this one – a basic NDA will not cut it, especially for programmers who are so integral to your product and company. Having a proper NDA to outline the confidential information being shared by multiple parties is important to ensure that no one discloses any sensitive sensitive information. In terms of drafting an NDA, I want to caution you on the standard templates you find online. They often are way too much of a boilerplate to truly make a difference for your company. As such, you run the risk of leaving out important clauses or terms in your agreement that are particular to your specific industry or state.

However, equally important is an intellectual property assignment agreement. This shifts ownership of any intellectual property created by your coders from them to your company. If, for example, a contractor completed the work without signing an assignment agreement beforehand, your company may not own the IP. There are other things to consider before executing the agreement, and an attorney is the best person to point them out to you.

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