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How can I find a decent business lawyer in the US that can answer questions and help structure an entity owned by a non-US resident/citizen?

Hey, I know finding a business lawyer can be tough. Especially one that you can trust with the livelihood of your entity. For that reason, a lot of businesses cringe when they think about searching for a lawyer to hire. The traditional, old school legal search involves way too much time and effort (and most importantly money) that could be better used by the business in other ways.

Searching the internet can be a cheaper and quicker solution. But, a lot of internet services will provide you with a one-size-fits-all general solution. Like fast food, the quality of your attorney may be sacrificed in favor of the low cost and cheap method of production.

That’s why at LawTrades, we try to simplify and streamline the process by connecting you directly with a top business lawyer. We do all the searching for you and you will be connected with a lawyer who has experience working in foreign entity structuring and international tax. We can connect you with top lawyers in all areas of business law and your lawyer will work personally with you to handcraft a solution that solves your problems. Feel free to message me if you have any questions too!