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How can I find a lawyer with experience in F-1 international students incorporating startups in NYC?

Since you’re interested in starting a company, I’m sure that you’ll also want to work for it. Starting a business and working for it are two entirely separate legal issues.

The most important thing you need to know is these separate activities – startinga company on the one hand and working for it on the other – involve very complex laws requiring highly specialized legal expertise. Failure to comply fully with US regulations could result in serious legal consequences, including deportation and other potentially harsh forfeitures.

Therefore you really need to work with a qualified lawyer to guide you through this process. I know: lawyers are expensive. That’s why we started LawTrades: to enable individuals such as yourself to access much-needed legal services at a price they can afford. I invite you to check us out for any assistance you need with your incorporation or related legal needs. Also feel free to message me directly. I hope this helps!


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