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How can I find a lawyer online?

The internet can be a great tool for clients, but can also be a misleading arena when trying to find good legal representation. There are so many obvious benefits the internet provides for finding lawyers, but it is important to be mindful of a few things.

Usually people will simply Google a lawyer in their area, and click on the first few results they see. Most of these links bring you to the law firm or attorney’s website, which gives a client a one-sided and very vague peek into what to expect of their future representation.

In reality, as a consumer, you want to know a short list of important factors about an attorney right away;

1. Price: Always one of the biggest concerns, you want to know if you can afford the attorney you are considering, and whether or not you are really getting the best rate for the legal work.

2. Track Record: Every attorney will tell you about the cases they have won and their successes in their respective fields. But you really want to make sure that the lawyer you are considering is well-respected and has a good reputation with former clients.

3. Areas of Expertise: There is obviously a reason a person is looking for a lawyer. However each person’s reason is different and will fit into certain categories of law. So when you are trying to find a lawyer, you want to be certain they are competent and well-versed in whatever field fits your legal needs.

Unfortunately, these simple factors can be very difficult to find. So we started LawTrades. Our company is founded upon the idea that finding a lawyer should be as transparent a process as possible. Every client is entitled to the best legal services and the lowest possible rate.

Aside from just finding a lawyer, you can also connect through our service directly with any attorney. This instant contact allows users to receive their legal services at their convenience, and makes the lawyer-client relationship much less of a hassle.

I hope our service can help you out! Ultimately, my best advice is not to settle for the first lawyer your find, and really work to hire someone who will best serve your needs. Here’s what a startup lawyer had to say when we asked him how to find and hire a lawyer online: