How can I find out whether or not I can patent my rather broad idea without risking it being stolen?

There are two crucial steps to take to see if you can patent your “rather broad idea without risking it being stolen.”

  1. Perform a thorough search. This isn’t as easy as Googling for the best travel deal. If you want a few links to search for issued patents try Google Patent, the USPTO database, and a simple worldwide search.
  2. Consult a patent attorney. Even if you conducted, what you believe to be, a complete search of prior art there’s a good chance you missed something. Over the years, courts and Congress have made it exceedingly difficult for inventors to meet the requirements to obtain a patent. As such, inventors trying to save money by filing their own patents run the risk of making costly, time-consuming mistakes. A patent attorney is an expert at this stuff. S/he has immense experience brainstorming relevant terms to search for, figuring out the proper CPC classification, and knowing when and how to broaden your search to find prior art that is relevant but hard to find. And it goes without saying that a patent attorney certainly knows how to ultimately draft a patent application too.

Please feel free to visit LawTrades for a free patent search completed by a skilled patent attorney. Patent law is simply too expensive and complex to do it yourself. Our legal platform makes it easy and affordable for inventors to receive sound legal advice so check us out. Good luck!