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Can an H1B visa holder invest in a rental property in the US?

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With an H-1B, you are bound to work for one employer: the one who petitioned for the H-1B on your behalf. You can do what you’d like with your income, but you cannot work for another employer. So, you could certainly invest in rental property, but you couldn’t quit your job and start a real estate business. That would be a violation of your visa and you could be deported and banned from returning to the United States.

The thing here to keep in mind is that although you would actually own the property, you’re still receiving an income from it (or hopefully at least breaking even). However, you’re not working for a second company. Yet, you must remember that you have a limit on the hours that you can devote to work. You should also never make it even look like you’re working for more than one employer (or business, in this case).

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