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What can help one’s case when applying for an O-1 visa as an international start-up founder?

The most critical aspect about the O-1 Visa is making sure that you truly qualify. This particular visa is arguably one of the most tedious processes simply because you have to evaluate your credentials thoroughly. It’s your absolute best chance at making sure that you express your skills and abilities accurately on the application.

As you are probably aware, you must be able to clearly indicate your extraordinary abilities in one of the following areas:

  • Sciences, education, business, and athletics
  • Arts
  • Motion picture or TV industries

There are many people in the world who are talented, but your skills must surpass the most qualified individuals in a specific area.

As far as letters of recommendation—generally the requirement is 6–10 letters from the most knowledgeable professionals in your field. It’s important to include a copy of their CV to highlight their experience and credentials.

Because credentials, experience, and experience are incredibly important, it’s best to have an immigration attorney assist you. They are familiar with what reviewers are looking for on these applications and can help you highlight your credentials in the best possible way. Simple things such as the type of terminology you use (or don’t use) can impact the final decision. You have to ask yourself, is your future worth it?

LawTrades is an excellent resource for connecting clients with immigration attorneys. Our fleet of attorneys are specialized, experienced, and know what it takes to assist their clients in the best way possible. We offer affordable rates and flexible payment options to help simplify the legal process as much as possible. Get in touch with us, we’d be happy to offer you a free consultation.