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Where can a non-EU, non-US citizen (resident) seek US and EU angel investors for his promising tech start-up?

The first important point to make is that you should speak with an immigration attorney to ensure that anything you do doesn’t affect your residency status. So, the answer to your question would be with an angel network or investor who sees value in your tech start-up. Look for angel networks or angel investors who have a global or international approach (I am including both terms because it could be worded either way). Although you are a resident in the U.S., looking for angel investors who use words like “global” and “international” may make it easier for you to pinpoint leads as a non-citizen. Many angel investors like to invest close to their own location so look locally. They may also be attracted to helping you because of the quintessential “starting a business in America” ideal. However, it is important that you have all of the information about your start-up that they could want.

Another idea is to look for angel investors in the U.S. who may have ties with your culture. For instance, if you are from Mexico, you could check with Latino or Hispanic Business Associations. They may have ideas or leads for you to check. Reach out to local business owners who are successful. They may be able to connect you to people who could be interested in investing. The key here is to do the right research and to start talking to people.

You might also consider other funding ideas such as crowdfunding. It never hurts to consider all of your options so that you can effectively fund your start-up. Just remember, you must keep your resident status in mind and make absolutely sure that anything you do will not affect your status. If you’d like some guidance from an affordable immigration attorney, check out LawTrades. We’ve helped countless international entrepreneurs acquire the legal info they need to make smart, legal business decisions.


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