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Can one form a Nevada LLC if one runs an online business from a residence in CA?

Absolutely. Nevada is an attractive state to form a limited liability company (LLC) in because of its non-existent state law taxes, its ultra protective stance on privacy, its asset protections, and its lack of residency requirements.

However, if you run your business in CA then will need to foreign quality your company there in order to transact business. Here’s from the CA Secretary of State:

“Before transacting intrastate business in California the business must first qualify/register with the California Secretary of State. (California Corporations Code section 210515909.0216959 or 17708.02.) California Corporations Code sections 19115901.02(ai) and 17708.03define “transacting intrastate “as entering into repeated and successive transactions of its business in this state, other than interstate or foreign commerce.

The Secretary of State’s office cannot advise you as to whether or not the business must qualify/register to do business in California. If you require assistance in making that determination and to ensure that all issues are considered and addressed appropriately, you should consult with private legal counsel.”

What you exactly will owe to CA depends so it’s probably a good idea to speak with a lawyer about your choice on where to incorporate and your obligations to CA. I invite you check out LawTrades to help you answer questions on how to move forward. Our legal platform offers free initial consultations and a satisfaction guarantee. Good luck w/ the biz!