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How can one incorporate an offshore startup in Delaware?

Hi, an offshore startup can incorporate in Delaware pretty much just as an American company would. The process is pretty simple. You will need to pay afiling fee and you will need to have a registered agent in the state of Delaware.

Incorporating in Delaware is the easy part. At LawTrades, we have helped offshore startups incorporate in Delaware. We also offer registered agent services for those startups that incorporate through us.

The more difficult part will be running your business and dealing with all of the legal challenges that will come up once incorporation is complete. For that, LawTrades will be a great resource for your startup.

We will connect you with experienced business attorneys who will work with your project and your timetable. We offer start to finish project management and a satisfaction guarantee. We have helped over 1000 startups and entrepreneurs through various legal tasks — visit our website to see how we can help you too!