How can I overcome 214 (b) denial for US f1 visa?

Proving strong ties to your country may seem simple on the surface. However, anybody that has been rejected for the 214 (b) can vouch that it’s not exactly as easy as you’d think.

Your interview is especially critical. Basically, the consular is looking for proof that you have every intention of returning to your home country after a visitation period in the US. While there’s not a simple formula to prove “strong ties” here are a few things that may help your case:

  • Proof of bank accounts or other financial ties
  • Business or long-term employment
  • Personal relationships
  • Home ownership
  • Financial ability to return
  • Cultural ties

Of course, your ability to prove the above may differ based on your financial or cultural situation. Keep in mind, decision-makers are trained to consider differences in lifestyle when evaluating each applicant.

A first-time denial can hurt and devastate, however it doesn’t mean that all is lost. If you’d like help to fine-tune your interview and/or to make sure that you have all proper documentation, it may be helpful to talk to an immigration attorney.

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