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Can a patent attorney help me make sure my invention becomes my property?

Coming up with a new product is an exciting time and you are wise to want to get an attorney’s input and ensure that you are able to protect your invention.

There are a number of ways that an attorney can help you with the patent process:

  1. The attorney can help determine whether your idea is patentable and issue you an opinion letter.
  2. The attorney can perform a patent search to ensure that your product is unique and does not infringe on the patents of others.
  3. The attorney will prepare the application, including drafting the claims in accordance with USPTO requirements and helping you describe your invention with the required level of detail and specificity.
  4. The attorney will file and prosecute your patent with the USPTO and handle all communications and actions.
  5. The attorney can appeal a negative decision.

Having good counsel is essential to saving time and money through this process. If you’re looking to work with a skilled patent attorney, LawTrades can connect you with one of the vetted attorneys in our network for a free 20 minute consultation. The attorney will be able to tell you how they can assist you and protection your intellectual property.