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Can you recommend Clerky from your experience with them in incorporating your startup and other legal needs?

Realistically, many startups use Clerky or other similar services and are successful. So it’s certainly possible for you to get done what you need with them. However, I really think it would be wise to at least get some initial legal advice about what you want to do before moving ahead. When forming your startup, you want create an entity that is personally designed and tailored to the specifics of your company. Using basic templates and boilerplate documents can omit a bunch of your company’s specifics that you may want to include. Other stuff comes up during formation as well and Clerky’s helpfulness only extends to the documents. The worst possible scenario is running into a problem down the road that could have been fixed or avoided in the formation process. On the other hand, by using an attorney during and after formation, a startup has a go-to person to turn to with the various legal issues that arise.

Feel free to check out LawTrades as an alternative to Clerky. We’re a legal platform that connects startups with experienced attorneys who have experience helping bootstrapped companies all the way to businesses found on Nasdaq. We offer free initial consultations and no obligation price quotes and all projects are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Lastly, I’m always eager to help out fellow startups, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if there is anything else I can do.