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What are my chances towards an O-1 visa having a PhD, 20 scientific papers, 2 patents, around 200 citations and a lot of work as a reviewer for scientific journals and conferences?

I agree with the answers you have been given thus far. The process for receiving an O-1 visa is incredibly tedious. Your credentials will be reviewed with an especially critical eye so while you certainly have an impressive background, the presentation of that experience will be what matters most. The point of this particular visa is to allow admittance of individuals who have extraordinary abilities and all of your qualifications will be scrutinized thoroughly to ensure that you are in fact, the best of the best. You must be clear, concise and include absolutely everything that sets you apart from average professionals in your field.

Points that benefit you:

  • PhD (indicates that you have an incredibly solid understanding of your field)
  • 20 scientific papers (you have contributed, authored, researched materials that indicate you have an exert-level understanding of your field)
  • 2 patents (innovation and creativity are especially important attitudes to have when applying for an O-1 visa)
  • 200 citations (others have sought out your expertise)
  • Reviews (indicates that others value your input in the field)

Of course, it is difficult to say what your “chances” are as that is subjective to the review and how you compile all of your experience, education, and credentials. It can actually be very difficult for individuals to adequately explain their strengths due to modesty or uncertainty of how much that ability with weigh on the application. An attorney can help.

LawTrades has access to many highly skilled immigration attorneys. If you would like further insight into how you can best display your abilities, please contact us. We’d be happy to connect you with an immigration attorney who is well-versed in 0–1 visa processes. Feel free to check out our website and connect with us.


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