How close can you get to a logo’s design without having legal issues?

Even if there are no legal ramifications for closely mimicking a logo design, I encourage you to think about the long-term implications. Sure, the design you choose now may belong to an incredibly successful business today, but who’s to say that success will be there tomorrow? One big lawsuit or bad PR can greatly impact the reputation of any business—do you really want to run the risk of someone confusing your company with another?

Another point to consider—your logo is a great way to express in a single image what your company is all about. You can showcase your creativity and have the opportunity to offer a new perspective even if your business is similar to others in the market. Consider the fact that consumers have already “been there and done that” with any logo you want to style similarly.

I get what you are saying, you think an established company’s logo will help draw attention, and for a while, it might. But, as others have indicated here—those businesses have already went through the proper channels, created something that expresses their business, and they will likely do whatever they legally can to protect it.

Whether you decide to go with similar shapes that already exist or want to develop an entirely new logo, a trademark attorney can help you. The attorneys at LawTradesare seasoned lawyers who understand the finder details of trademark law. They can provide counsel about how closely you can mimic a trademark as well as some insight into the legal ramifications that could occur in the future. Contact us today for a free consultation.