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In Colorado, are minors allowed to form an LLC or LLP?

The legal age of majority in Colorado is twenty-one. However, the state grants most legal privileges to individuals once they turn 18. You must be 18 years old or older to form an LLC in Colorado or serve as an LLC’s registered agent.

There are two requirements you must satisfy to form an LLC in Colorado. First, you must file articles of incorporation with the Colorado State Secretary. This document must include the LLC’s name, the class of shares and number of shares the LLC can issue, the legal rights that come with the shares, the LLC’s registered agent information, the name of each founder and her or his mailing address, and the address of the company’s principal office. There is a onetime fifty dollar filing fee for registering the LLC and the application becomes effective after the state secretary’s office approves them. Second, every Colorado corporation must choose a name that is distinguishable and different from the names of pre-existing corporations in the state. The name must contain one of the following terms: “company,” “corporation,” “incorporated,” or “limited.” If you want to reserve a name without filing out an application immediately, you can submit an online application through the Colorado State Secretary’s website for twenty-five dollars. Finally, your LLC should adopt corporate bylaws, an operating agreement, and obtain an Employer Identification Number for future tax filings. I hope this helps.

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