What are the most common questions that angel investors ask?

The questions will vary and be dependent on your industry. I would begin to compile a list of every conceivable question as a way to bolster your pitch and try to tighten up any gaps or weak spots. Below are a few:


What big problem does it solve?

How big is the market opportunity?

What does the company do?

What is unique about the company?

How big can the company get?

Where are you headquartered?

The Market

Why does your company have high growth potential?

How did you arrive at the sales of your industry and its growth rate?

What percentage of the market do you plan to get over which period of time?

What is unique about the company?

What is the actual addressable market?

What sources did you use for your research?


Who are the founders and key team members?

How do you plan to scale the team in the next 12 months?

What motivates the founders?

How many employees do you have?

Why is the team uniquely capable to execute the company’s business plan?

What key additions to the team are needed in the short term?

What relevant domain experience does the team have?

What university / business school did they graduate from?

What networks do you have access to?


What are the barriers to entry?

Compared to your competition, how do you compete with respect to price, features, and performance.

What gives your company a competitive advantage?

What advantages does your competition have over you??

Who are the company’s competitors?

Why do you want to do smth that has competitors?

Can you tell me the top 5 direct as well as 5 indirect competitors?

What is the history of your competitors?

What could be a competitive advantage in a thick or under served market?

Source: 100 Questions Investors Ask Startups When Pitching

Feel free to add and subtract from the list based on what’s applicable to your company. The investors do not know your concept as well as you, therefore, they may be inclined to ask nit picky questions for the simple fact it is there money on the line, and they are collecting information from you to assess the risk in the investment. Therefore be ready for everything. Further, think of preparing for questions as a way to further test the validity of your concept.

Good luck!

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