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What are the most common standard terms in a Series Seed angel round?

Some of the other answers point out some pretty common standard terms, but I think the more important point here is that your term sheet for your deal should be tailored to what you and your investor expect out of the deal. You can find standard term sheet templates on the Internet but it is dangerous to use these templates because they may not completely encompass your or your investors’ expectations. You really need terms that were written specifically for your deal.

I would suggest that you speak with an attorney about the specifics of your deal so that you can draw up a term sheet that is tailored to the deal that you are trying to make. Every deal is unique so it is important to craft your terms in a way that supports the uniqueness of your deal.

If you are looking for an attorney to help you with your term sheet, you should check out LawTrades. Our attorneys have experience drawing these types of term sheets and can work with you to craft yours.

If you’re not ready to hire an attorney and are unsure of seed round language take a look at our Startup Legal Dictionary. It contains a bunch of helpful funding terminology to helps entrepreneurs like you!

I hope this helped, good luck!