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Why do companies go through so much trouble writing lengthy terms and conditions on their websites when very few people read them thoroughly?

Companies include terms and conditions as a way to protect their business. It’s true, sometimes those terms aren’t presented in an easy-to-read format, but the responsibility of the business is to create the terms, and the responsibility of the consumer to actually read them. Even if it’s kind of hard to digest, you should still take a look at those “lengthy terms and conditions” because I promise they are full of useful information.

Common elements include:

  • Clearly defines products and services offered
  • Outlines guarantees/warranties
  • Payment terms
  • Terms of agreement
  • Laws that govern contracts
  • Liability

Basically, even if you choose to not read them, the company can cover themselves by putting it on there in whatever fashion they choose.

My company, LawTrades assists businesses with creating useful business documents such as terms and conditions. We can say firsthand that this type of information is actually an important part of the foundation of a business. Our experienced business attorneys assist many company owners with crafting quality terms and conditions so that their businesses have the best shot at succeeding. You can check out our webpage to learn more.