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I have a company in the UK my business is from the US I am want to move my company over there what visa would be best suited to do this?

Like Simon points out, you do not need a visa to move your company to the US — you would simply need to incorporate your company in the US.

However, you do need a visa to move yourself to the US in order to work on your company. The visa best suited for you is the E2. The E2 visa is for nationals of a country with which the US has signed a treaty (here is a list of those countries) that have invested, or are in the process of investing, a substantial amount of capital in a business in the US.

I am assuming that you have already invested a substantial amount of capital into your business in the UK — if so, the investment will count. The specific amount that needs to be invested to be substantial isn’t so easy to define though. In general, your investment will be compared to the total cost of running the business or purchasing a similar new one. Basically, they want the investment to be substantial enough to ensure the investor’s financial commitment to the enterprise.

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