How do you conduct a prior art search?

It’s true that there are a ton of free, online databases to conduct an art search yourself. However, you should understand the shortcomings of these types of searches.

  • They are not always easy to use. Some of the platforms are incredibly key word sensitive which means that certain phrases or words won’t automatically be connected to the specific piece of art you are looking for.
  • They are not always complete. Some resources are incredibly limited, especially when it comes to finding older works.

IP attorneys are specifically skilled in conducting thorough searches. You can take your chances and hope for the best if you do it yourself, but why not have the peace of mind that the search is complete?

LawTrades can connect you with an IP attorney that can conduct this research for you and help you with other areas of IP law as needed. Check out our website and get it touch if you’d like our assistance.