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Should I create privacy policy and terms of use for an entertainment website?

Without a doubt, you should create a privacy policy (PP) and a terms of use agreement for your website! First, a privacy policy is required by law in the US if you collect any user data. The policy should educate users on the data being collected by your site, and the purpose for doing so. On the other hand, a terms of use (also referred to as terms and conditions or terms of service) informs the user of the rules s/he must follow in order to use the site. Important clauses you’ll find in a solid terms of use include guidelines for user behavior, opt-out policies, disclaimers and indemnification clauses.

I agree with Alexandra regarding the use of templates. The biggest mistake websites will make is using standardized terms and privacy policies they find online. No two businesses are identical and it is not recommended that you use a generator or copy and paste another company’s terms of service and privacy policy. Although your business models may be similar, each business has their own unique identifiers which warrant a proprietary PP and TOS. If you use data in a way that is not clearly stated in your documents, you could be leaving yourself wide open for some legal pitfalls. Once again, seeking some preliminary legal advice can really clarify a lot of these concerns.

In order to create a PP and TOS that works for your business, you should definitely seek the help of a lawyer who specializes in this field. There are plenty of experienced and affordable lawyers at LawTrades, and I recommend giving them a try if you’re serious about protecting yourself and your business. We offer free, no-obligation price quotes so check us out.