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I am currently an F1 student and will be working on OPT soon. Can I get my wife to the US when I am on OPT (H1B will be in process)? She wants to work in the US.

Based on what you have provided here, there are a couple of options to consider.

A potential solution would be for your wife to apply for the F2 visa. This type of visa covers your dependents (spouse and children under the age of 21) if you are currently a F1 visa holder. However, this solution does not offer your wife the opportunity to work in the US, but simply an option for her to come to the US with you.

If your spouse is not interested in that option, then she may be eligible to apply for the H1-B work visa, but she would need to find a company that is willing to sponsor her. These type of positions require advanced knowledge in a specific area such as science, medicine, engineering, etc.

To better understand your options for your situation, you should contact an immigration attorney. They can examine your wife’s credentials, walk you through various solutions, and offer insight into long-term plans.

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