Does a Non-US Citizen Need an EIN to Start a Company?

Not necessarily.

First, which type of corporate structure are you looking at: C-Corp, LLC or S-Corp?

Second, are you a resident or nonresident alien? Are you an immigrant or do you have some other legal residency status in the US?

Third, do you have US co-founders?

Fourth, are you working with a US attorney or accountant?

Your question requires a number of other questions to be answered before this one can be adequately resolved. If you have US resident or citizen co-founders; or if you have a US attorney, accountant or other qualified individuals with an SSN, then you can obtain an EIN in just a few minutes by going to this IRS site. If that’s not an option, then you can still obtain an EIN via phone and snail mail communication with the IRS.

New business owners are often concerned about making the proper selections on the IRS application. If you’re concerned about making a mistake, contact a reliable business lawyer to help you walk through the process.

It’s actually a very quick and easy procedure, so costs should be pretty minimal. You might also want to consider whether making a subchapter S selection is something your company can benefit from. Careful tax planning now will help you avoid unintended tax consequences further down the road.