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What are the most effective ways to raise funds for charities?

You’ve been given a lot of great advice about how to raise funds for charities. My advice is going to lean more toward how you can set up your non-profit for the best situation for success. After all, without proper planning, your ability to raise funds effectively will be greatly diminished.

Whether you are working for a non-profit or plan to start one yourself, your ultimate goal is for the program to have the strongest impact. In order to do that, there are certainly key areas that you want to focus on.

Key areas that impact the success of a non-profit:

  • Policies and procedures that outline intent, investment, and administrative duties
  • Establish grant practices and monitoring and reporting guidelines
  • Contracts for funds that outline how those funds will be utilized
  • Rules and regulations for day-to-day operation
  • Ensuring that all activities fall within business-related taxation

While your question focuses on how to obtain funds, the bigger picture is ensuring that not only are funds properly used, but that the charity itself is set up in the best position to thrive long-term.

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