What are some experiences people have had with LegalZoom?

There’s no doubt that LegalZoom, and other similar document producers, have provided individuals and businesses with an affordable way to legalize things. Before websites like this, people were forced to take out the Yellow Pages and look for a local lawyer. Sole practitioners were certainly more prevalent back in the day as well, as that was the cheapest and only option for some people. So yes – LegalZoom has certainly achieved at providing people with an alternative, cheaper form of legal help.

The shortcomings with these types of sites are hard to ignore though. The agreements that you can purchase are often cookie cutters that fail to touch on the specifics which make your company unique. You’re then left with this boilerplate agreement that hopefully includes all the terms relevant and necessary for your company. I’ve also heard horror stories from consumers that their formation documents were filed incorrectly or late. Another common gripe is how superfluous and time consuming the sign-up process is.

Just like LegalZoom created a new legal experience, LawTrades is doing the same. There’s a big difference between us though – our legal help comes with a lawyer! We (I’m the CEO!) believe there is no substitute for sound, affordable legal advice. To reflect that, we’ve designed our company to focus solely on making the process of finding a lawyer pain-free for the client, while still giving them the tools to select the perfect lawyer and pricing option for their needs. Our legal platform produces price quotes that are similar to LegalZoom so check us out.