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How feasible is it to get a patent without an attorney (it is relatively advanced and there are few attorneys with acceptable knowledge)?

Just because you haven’t found the right attorney, doesn’t mean that you don’t need one.

It sounds like you’ve done your homework and have discovered that patent law is incredibly complex and requires specialized expertise. That probably doesn’t mean that you should DIY the process.

Like Charles indicated in his answer, you could complete the process and receive a patent. However, the devil is in the details as they say. One vague term or phrase, and your patent could lose value. You want to be sure that your patent is airtight.

I have no doubt that you have the expertise for your product. But, I would encourage you to work with an attorney to create the best patent.

My company LawTrades may be able to help. Our attorneys are among the best and they all have specializations backed by education and experience. We can connect you with a seasoned patent attorney. Check us out and get in touch for a consultation.