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How do you find a good confidentiality agreement?

Whatever you do, I would strongly advise you not to use a confidentiality agreement you find on the internet. I have to agree with Brady on this one–a confidentiality agreement is a legally binding contract and for that reason, you really need a lawyer to draft one for you. The agreements found on the internet typically contain boilerplate language that has nothing to do with your specific circumstances and they would likely not protect you and/or your business if challenged in a court of law. You need a confidentiality agreement that is tailored to your specific needs and is compliant with any applicable laws or regulations. Only a lawyer can advise you about the terms that should be included in your agreement, the consequences of any breach of the agreement, and any remedies that might be available should a breach occur.

While this might sound complicated and intimidating, the good news is that you can obtain help from a qualified legal professional without a lot of angst and without breaking the bank. My company LawTrades provides startups and small businesses with a cost-effective platform to secure legal services for all of their business needs. Our attorneys are pre-vetted, highly-trained and have solid legal experience, especially with tech startups. Any work our lawyers do for you is based on an affordable flat-rate so you never have to worry about your legal expenses getting out of hand. We offer a free consultation and no obligation price quotes. Check us out; we’d love to help you with your business. Good luck!