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As first time entrepreneurs, what part of the process are people often completely blind to?

A startup isn’t a single thing—it’s a lot of things.

I think people get stuck on the idea that they have to focus on one key area whether it be about profits, ideas, marketing—whatever. But the reality is, as an entrepreneur you don’t just pick and choose the things you are good at. You pretty much have to think about every aspect of your business and what you can do to make each area a success.

As the founder, you instantly become the go-to person for the answers. Sure, you will (or at least should) have a great team of people around you to help out—but it all begins with you. You have to make the connections. You have to form the team. It’s all about your vision and then working alone and with others to make it all a reality. You should consider every piece as a critical building block.

I don’t think people always understand how big of a process it is. Everything is linked together to create this big picture we refer to as a startup. There are a lot of moving parts. And it’s up to you to keep up.

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