How do you franchise a company from scratch?

If you are interested in rapid growth in your business, then franchising may be a good option for you. 

Keep in mind, there’s a ton of work that goes into developing a franchise. And, even if you get there—it doesn’t mean automatic lifetime success. To make sure that your brand become a household name that will stick around, you have to put in some serious thought and planning.

Here are some things to consider

Is your business ready?

There seems to be a sweet spot when it comes to transforming a business into a franchise. Not only do you have to be certain that the consumers want more, but that potential franchisees would be willing to sign up. Basically, your business should be special enough that consumers prefer you over the competitors, but not so unique that it requires YOU to operate it.

Do you have the finances?

The road to franchising is not an easy one. There’s a lot of potential roadblocks and a considerable amount of money involved. Make sure that you are financially prepared to see this through or it could mean big trouble for your business.

Have you considered the changes in the business model?

Your business model will need to include proponents that are franchise-specific. Things you’ll need to incorporate will include:

  • Franchise percentage agreement
  • Marketing agreements and strategies
  • Training programs offered
  • Locations of franchise
  • Experience required of the franchisee

Plus, more.

Are you legally prepared?

In order for you to offer a franchise option, there are legal steps that you must take. For instance, you have to register the Franchise Disclosure Document. Be prepared to have all proper documentation to go along with the registration. Not to mention, there are several state-level laws that you must adhere to.

Franchising your business can be exciting and successful, but there is a ton of work that goes into it. If you think you are ready to take the leap, your first step should be to consult with a knowledgeable business attorney.

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